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Northwestern State University of Louisiana 


Magazine ^ ^ ^ Summer 2001 

Dr. Randall J. Webb, President 
Northwestern State University 

Dear Alumni: 

As I write this, we are in the process of completing a suc- 
cessful 2000-2001 academic year at Northwestern. 

This year, we saw our student enrollment set a record and 

had the largest spring commencement in seven years. In fact, 

the audiences for our commencement has grown so large that 

we have had to hold two ceremonies to accommodate all the family and friends 

who want to attend. 

One of our distinguished alumni. State Rep. Jane Smith, addressed our spring 
graduates and she had a message I wanted to share with you. 

Rep. Smith told the graduates how throughout her career as a teacher, princi- 
pal, school superintendent and state legislator, she has been helped by a number 
of Northwestern graduates. She encouraged our graduates to seek out other 
alumni who share the special bond we all have. 

I hope each of you will seek out others who attended Northwestern and will 
take time to get to know them and assist them when you can. I believe this 
university has produced some outstanding, caring people who are working to 
make a difference in their communities. And when people with the common tie of 
NSU work together, good things will happen. 

The upcoming year at NSU will bring a number of challenges for your univer- 
sity. We will begin implementation of admissions standards for the first time. 
These standards will help us in the long run but we will have to see what the 
short-term ramifications are. 

There are also other issues pending that have not been resolved as of the time 
I am writing this letter. Whatever happens with these issues, we will remain 
committed to keeping Northwestern a vibrant, student-oriented institution. We 
believe NSU has a great deal to offer discerning students who want to receive a 
well-rounded education which will prepare them for the future. 

No other institution, in my view, has such an excellent faculty who are both 
outstanding scholars and dedicated teachers. In addition, our staff works ex- 
tremely hard to provide the best possible support and services for our students. 

I wish each of you a good summer and hope you will continue to support North- 

Chris Maggio, Director 
Alumni Affairs 

Fellow Northwestern Graduates and Friends: 

The 2000-2001 academic year has drawn to a close and 
in my opinion your alma mater had yet another successful 
year. One important link to Northwestern's success is 
alumni involvement. Your participation, input and assis- 
tance in alumni related activities have helped our adored 
university thrive. 

Your NSU Alumni Association continued to stay active this spring. We hosted 
alumni gatherings in several places including Shreveport, Dallas, Ruston, Alex- 
andria, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston, Leesville, San Antonio, and 
Covington. We again co-hosted, with the Office of Admissions, alumni/recruiting 
receptions during which Northwestern alumni opened their homes to fellow alumni, 
prospective students and parents. 

Other spring alumni events include the Basketball Homecoming Reunion in 
which over 120 former players come back to campus to spend time with former 
athletes, the 50+ luncheon, and the 1991 class reunion of the Louisiana Scholars' 
College. The Class of 1951 gathered in early May for the 50"^ anniversary of their 
graduation from Northwestern. Sixty-one class members plus many more spouses, 
guests and family members spent a memorable weekend on the campus that sev- 
eral had not seen since their graduation. Their pride in Northwestern and cama- 
raderie with each other were apparent to all. 

I also want to inform you that the Alumni Association has signed an agreement 
with MBNA America to provide the Northwestern State University Alumni Asso- 
ciation credit card. Please note that this is the official credit card of the Alumni 
Association and that MBNA makes a contribution for every new account that is 
opened and when each account is renewed. They'll also make an additional con- 
tribution every time the card is used to make a purchase. We hope you consider 
utilizing the card and please note this change in our credit card issuers. 

I hope you all have a great summer and please stay in contact. 

Alumni Columns 

Official Publication of Northwestern 

State University 

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Organized in 1884 

A member of CASE 

Volume XII Number 2 Summer 2001 

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President Ginger Wiggins 

Jackson, Miss. 1986 

Vice President Dr. B.L. Shaw 

Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Secretary -Treasurer. Chris Maggio 

Natchitoches, 1985, 1991 

Executive Director Chris Maggio 

Natchitoches, 1985, 1991 

Jerry Brungart... Natchitoches, 1969, 1971 

Tommy Chester. Arcadia, 1969 

Joe Cunningham, Jr. ...Natchitoches, 1984 

Leonard Endris Shreveport, 1974, 1975 

F.Allen Horton Jr.. .New Iberia, 1957,1962 

Adrian Howard Arlington, Texas 1989 

Carlos Jones Ruston, 1995 

Gail Jones Natchez, 1981, 1998 

Bryant Lewis Haynesville, 1958 

Carroll Long Tyler, Texas 1970 

David Morgan Austin, Texas 1973 

John Ramsey. New Orleans, 1986 

K. Michael Sawrie Alexandria, 1972 

Dr. B.L. Shaw Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Glenn Talbert Shreveport, 1964 

Ginger Wiggins Jackson, Miss., 1986 

Jimmy Williams Winnfield, 1993 


David Gunn Slidell 

SGA President 

The Alumni Columns is published in 

spring, summer, fall and winter. 


Chris Maggio 


Jennifer Anderson 


David West 


Gary Hardamon 

Art Direction/Design/Layout 

NSU Press Publications 

About the cover: The first annual Buddy 
Bonnette Memorial Day Golf Scramble was 
held May 28 at the Northwestern Hills Golf 
Course in Natchitoches. The proceeds ben- 
efited the Coach Buddy Bonnette Scholar- 
ship Fund, and the men's and women's bas- 
ketball teams at NSU. 

The tournament was held in honor of Dr. 
Buddy Bonnette, a former teacher of three 
and a half decades in the Health and Physi- 
cal Education department at NSU. Bonnette 
is held in high regard by his peers and 
former students. 

Northwestern State University is accredited by the Commis- 
sion on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and 
Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097: 
Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award Associate, Bac- 
calaureate, Master's, Specialist and Doctorate degrees. 

It is the policy of Northwestern State University of Louisi- 
ana not to discriminate on the bases of race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational pro- 
grams, activities or employment practices. 

Normartt teacher training claHH circa ]9<>l 

R^rt shows 

NSU education students 
still making the grade 


We are really 
proud of our score^ 
and at this point 
NSU should be 
proud of the qual- 
ity of teachers that 
are graduating 
from the program. 

— John ToUett, Dean 
College of Education 


Nonnars cadet (lab) school circa 1901 

The preparation of qualified teachers has 
always been at the core of Northwestern 
State University's mission. A recent report 
shows that the university is doing an out- 
standing job. 

This spring, the Louisiana Board of Regents released 
its 2000-2001 Institutional Reports for the preparation 
of teachers. This report outlined the current perfor- 
mance of teacher education programs at Louisiana's 
public and private college and universities. The test 
measures prospective teachers' knowledge and profes- 
sional skills. Students who want to become certified in 
Louisiana schools must pass the exam known as 
Praxis. Education majors at Northwestern scored 
above the state average in all four major categories. 
Ninety-one percent of those taking the exam passed. 
NSU had a 100 percent pass rate in basic skills, 96 
percent in professional knowledge and 92 percent in 
academic content areas. 

"We are really proud of our score, and at this point 
NSU should be proud of the quality of teachers that are 
graduating from the program," said Dean of the Col- 
lege of Education John Tollett. " We are now using the 
report as a guideline to make changes in the curricu- 

The first changes will be the requirement of students 
to pass the exam before beginning methods and stu- 
dent teaching. If the student has trouble passing the 
exam and wants to transfer into another curriculum, 
they can do so before investing a large amount of time 
in these things. Passing the exam has not been a re- 
quirement to graduate. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 1 

Campus News 

Normars cadet (lab) school circa 1901 

NSU furnishes 45 percent 
of all certified teachers 
in its service area and 7.74 
percent of all certified teach- 
ers in the state. It has the low- 
est departure rate, 8 percent, 
of teachers leaving the profes- 
sion after one year. 

Northwestern faculty 
members are active be- 
yond the traditional classroom 
setting. They are responsible 
for obtaining $1,550,000 in 
grant money since 1996. They 
provide assistance with con- 
sulting and identifying staff 
development needs with 1 1 
pre-kindergarten through 
1 7}^^ grade school districts. 

NSU produces ^0 percent 
of the state's electronic 
distance learning courses, 
making a state-wide impact 
on pre-service and in-service 

orthwestern education graduates are recruited in all 
areas of the state. School systems from across Louisi- 
ana and from throughout the country send represen- 
tatives to the annual Teacher Job Fair each 
spring. "We attend the job fair every year, 
which is well organized," said Genevieve 
Gordon, personnel director of the Sabine 
Parish School Board. "A lot of our locals 
attend Northwestern and want to come back 
home to work. They have a great education 
program and do a good job in training." 
Students are satisfied that they have 
received a high quality education and are 
confident that they are prepared to go into 
the classroom when they graduate. 

"I'm in art education. The program gave 
me direction and made me stay on track. 
Since the instructors have more of a one-on- 
one relationship with you, it is a better expe- 
rience," said Chris Brown, of McCook, Neb. 
"I wouldn't go an3rwhere else," said Lindie 
Stephens, of Jena, who had a position lined 
up at Goodpine Middle School before she 
graduated. "I started working right away and 
I know what I am doing." Ill 

Educational artifacts circa 1901 

Alumni Coliiiiuis Suiuiucr 2001 / 2 

Campus News 






Julie Kane regularly encour- 
ages her students to seek 
opportunities to excel. Kane, 
an assistant professor of English at 
Northwestern, has taken advan- 
tage of an opportunity, receiving a 
Fulbright Lectureship in Linguis- 
tics/Creative Writing. She will 
spend the Spring 2002 semester in 
Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Kane has been a member of 
Northwestern's faculty for two 
years, teaching courses in rhetoric 
and composition, world literature, 
creative writing, literature and film 
of the Vietnam War and modern 
American poetry. She was the 
George Bennett Fellow in Writing 
at Phillips Exeter Academy in 
Exeter, N.H., the Visiting Writer in 
Residence at Tulane University and 
also taught at Louisiana State Uni- 
versity in Baton Rouge. 

"I am absolutely thrilled," said 
Kane. "It will be a great adventure 
and a wonderful opportunity to 
meet writers from a different cul- 
ture who have gone through so 
much. The people of Lithuania have 
gone from communism to being a 
free country in a decade. They have 
experienced a tremendous amount 
of change." 

Kane received her bachelor's de- 
gree from Cornell University, a 
master's from Boston University 
and a doctorate at LSU. Her doc- 
toral dissertation received the Lewis 
R Simpson Award for the most out- 
standing Ph.D. dissertation written 
in the LSU English Department. 

"When I heard that a particular 
professor was a Fulbright Scholar, 
it was something that carried a lot 
of resonance," said Kane. "I still 
find it hard to believe that I am in 
that company. 

"I think this is a good example 
for our students. They should know 
that if they make their best efforts, 
they are capable of competing for 
and winning awards." 

The experience of teaching in 
Lithuania is something Kane plans 
to share with NSU students once 
she returns. 

Kane is the co-author 
of "Counterpart: A 
South Vietnamese 
Naval Officer's War," 
along with Kiem Do. 
The book is a literary nonac- 
tion memoir of the Vietnam 
War from a Vietnamese per- 
spective. She has also written 
three collections of poetry "The 
Bartender Poems," "Body and 
Soul" and "Two Into One." Two 
other manuscripts by Kane 
have been completed. 

"In sharing my post-Lithuanian 
experiences with my students, I 
would hope to enlarge their imagi- 
nations and curiosity about the 
world beyond our region of the 
United States," said Kane. "I want 
to reinforce the idea that higher 
education is the key to that world." 

Kane has had contact with 
Lithuanian writers for more than 
a decade. Lithuanian poet 
Tautvyda Marcinkeviciute trans- 

lated five of Kane's poems 
in 1989 and arranged for 
their publication in a 
journal. Kane also ar- 
ranged for Lithuanian 
writers to give readings 
in New Orleans and ap- 
peared in a short docu- 
mentary film by a 
Lithuanian producer 
1^^^^ reading some of her 

"Most of those activities took 
place while Lithuania was still un- 
der Soviet rule, when there was a 
tremendous sense of urgency to our 
personal efforts to communicate 
between our cultures and our writ- 
ing communities," said Kane. "Now 
that Lithuania has regained her 
independence and there is time to 
study each other's culture at lei- 
sure and in greater depth, this ap- 
pointment would represent a 
broadening, deepening and matur- 
ing of the personal commitment I 
made over 10 years ago to further 
communication between our two 

Kane hopes the additional con- 
tacts she will make in Lithuania 
will lead to cultural exchanges be- 
tween the Natchitoches area and 

"This community is unique for 
its blend of cultures," said Kane. 
"Because we honor the uniqueness 
of many cultures and ethnic tradi- 
tions without seeking to dominate 
or assimilate them into one Ameri- 
can monoculture, I believe the 
Natchitoches area would be recep- 
tive to an exchange of cultural ac- 
tivities with Lithuania." 

The Fulbright Scholar Program 
sends approximately 800 U.S. fac- 
ulty and professionals to 140 coun- 
tries to lecture, do research, or par- 
ticipate in seminars. And an equal 
number of foreign faculty come to 
the U.S. under the program. Ill 

Alumni Columns Summer 2000 / 3 

Campus News 

Webb reflects on five years of progress 

'7 look forward to the challenges we face each day and I enjoy 
the people of Northwestern. " 


t has been almost five 
years since NSU 
President Dr. Randall J. 
Webb began what he has 
called his "dream job." 
And in that five years, 
Webb has steadily 
pushed the university 

"I felt my role from the beginning was to set a vision 
for the university then let our people use their ability 
and ingenuity to make it happen," said Webb. 

As president, Webb's first priority has been promot- 
ing academic excellence. Since 1996, the percentage 
of nationally accredited academic programs has in- 
creased from 68 percent to 94 percent. The remaining 
eligible programs are expected to gain accreditation 
later this year. 

"Accreditation of academic programs is something we 
have talked about a great deal with students, faculty, 
staff, alumni and friends of the university," said Webb. 
"To gain accreditation, it was necessary to critically evalu- 
ate each academic program. We then worked to meet 
the highest standards set by the various accrediting 
groups. Gaining accreditation means that our programs 
are on par with the best programs in the country." 

Webb has worked with the university community to 
make Northwestern a responsive institution that listens 
to the people it serves. 

"We want to listen to our students, business and indus- 
try, public schools and hospitals," said Webb. "Listening to 
students can help us retain and attract 
more and better students. Working with 
business and industry and other groups 
can help us develop relationships that can 
provide more opportunities for students." 

Webb has implemented NSU's first en- 
rollment management plan. Last fall, the 
university had the largest enrollment in 
the institution's 117-year history as 9,292 
students signed up for classes. 

"All of us were extremely pleased with 
the record enrollment we had last fall. 
As we have increased our enrollment, we 
have also attracted better students," said 
Webb. "The average ACT scores of stu- 
dents has gone up. We are also attract- 
ing more high school valedictorians and 

salutatorians who are likely to graduate and help us 
bring in more outstanding students." 

Webb has made a special effort to be available and 
accessible to Northwestern's students, attending athletic 
and social events and setting time aside to meet with 

"We want our students to feel at home and feel they 
are important here," said Webb. "All of our efforts are 
done with students ultimately in mind." 

During Webb's tenure, funding from federal, state and 
private grants has increased by 73 percent with more 
than $11 million in active grants being utilized. Contri- 
butions to the NSU Foundation for scholarships, en- 
dowed professorships and other programs have more 
than doubled. 

The university is also planning the first major fund 
raising campaign in its history. 

"We are anxious to begin implementing this campaign. 
I am confident that all those who love Northwestern will 
be interested in assisting us in this endeavor," said Webb. 
"Once we complete this campaign, we will be able to pro- 
vide additional support for our faculty and increased 
opportunities for our students." 

Northwestern has also taken a leadership role in the 
delivery of electronic classes. In the spring NSU had more 
than 90 classes available via the Internet, compressed video 
and desktop video. Northwestern provides 60 percent of 
the electronic classes offered by Louisiana institutions. 

"We have to be mindful of what the future of higher 
education is and electronic classes will be a part of that," 
said Webb. "We have a number of outstanding faculty who 
have grasped this method of delivery and 
have made it work. Our staff has also 
been successfial in getting the word out 
to people and making sure the classes run 

Webb admits he has many of the 
same feelings about coming to work as 
he did when he began his work as presi- 

"I look forward to the challenges we 
face each day and I enjoy the people of 
Northwestern," said Webb. "I believe 
our best days are in front of us and I 
will continue to work to make everyone 
associated with the university proud." 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 4 

Campus News 

Dr. Richard DeVault was presented the Mildred Hart Bailey Re- 
search Award by NSU President Randall J. Webb durring NSU's 
14th annual Research Day. 

Math faculty member 
Richard DeVault wins 

Bailey Award 

Northwestern State faculty member Dr. Richard 
Devault is taking a different approach in an area 
of mathematics. Working in the area of difference equa- 
tions, DeVault is trying to better understand the behav- 
ior of solutions of these equations. 

DeVault, an assistant professor of mathematics at 
Northwestern, has been named as the recipient of the 
Mildred Hart Bailey Research Award. The award was 
presented as part of NSU's 14"" annual Research Day. 

The research by Devault has been nationally recog- 
nized in professional journals and at academic confer- 
ences. DeVault was chosen on the basis of scholarly sig- 
nificance of his research; national, regional or local im- 
pact; originality eind ingenuity of project design and criti- 
cal recognition by experts in the field. 

"I am very honored," said DeVault. "It's nice to get 

His research has been published in numerous jour- 
nals including the Journal of Difference Equations and 
Application, and the Journal of Nonlinear Analysis, 
Theory, Methods and Applications. 

DeVault is the chair of the Mathematics Section of 
the Louisiana Academy of Science and a member of the 
American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Associa- 
tion of America, and the Louisiana Academy of Sciences. 

The Bailey Award is given annually to a Northwest- 
ern faculty member for outstanding research and/or dis- 
tinguished artistic performance or creative work sub- 
stantially completed during the past three years. Ill 

Hall^ Williams named 
professor emeritus 

Northwestern State University bestowed the title of 
professor emeritus on two former faculty members. 
Dr. Hurst Hall and Dr. Kenneth Williams during Spring 
Commencement exercises. 

"The title of professor emeritus is one we do not con- 
fer often, and both of these men richly deserve the honor," 
said Northwestern Provost and Vice President for Aca- 
demic Affairs Dr. Thomas A. Burns. "Each are outstand- 
ing teachers and nationally and internationally recog- 
nized scholars who have brought prestige to this univer- 
sity over a number of years." 

Hall was a member of Northwestern's faculty mem- 
bers for 30 years, then returned to teach in 1989 for 11 
more years after he retired. 

He earned his doctorate at the University of Alabama 
and served as an associate professor, professor and divi- 
sion chairman of educational psychology. Hall also served 
as head of the Departments of Educational Psychology 
and Student Services, Special Education and Human 

Williams was a member of Northwestern's faculty for 
34 years as an assistant professor, associate professor 
and professor. He earned his doctorate at Louisiana State 

A recognized authority on the herpetology of the Hon- 
duran Cloud Forest, Williams authored or co-authored 
147 professional publications while on Northwestern's 

His peers have recognized him as both a scholar and 
teacher, receiving both a Distinguished Faculty Award 
fi*om NSU as well as the Alumni Association's Excellence 
in Teaching Award. 

President Webb be- 
stowed the title of profes- 
sor emeritus on Dr. 
Hurst Hall during 
Spring Commencement 

President Webb be- 
stowed the title of 
professor emeritus 
on Dr. Kenneth 
Williams during 
Spring Commence- 
ment exercises. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 5 

Campus News 




leaders reunion to be 
held during Homecoming 

Former "Insiders and Freshman Con- 
nectors should make plans to attend 
the first reunion of the nearly 200 
freshman orientation counselors who served 
Northwestern from the years 1979-2001. 

The gathering, scheduled during Home- 
coming 2001 on Oct. 20 will honor the hard 
work and support of the orientation leaders 
as well as the professional staffs who worked 
with the programs, according to Reatha Cox, 
who serves as Northwestem's Director of New 
Student Programs. 

Cox, who herself was an "Insider" in 1985- 
1986, anticipates a large turnout for the event. 

"These alumni were the 'movers and shak- 
ers' of the campus over the past 20 years," she 
said. "Many have requested such an event, 
and I think that once the announcement is 
made they will be eager to return to North- 

The freshman orientation program at 
Northwestern was established in 1979 by then 
Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Tom 
Paul Southerland. Its purpose was to pro- 
vide an opportunity for first-time fi'eshman 
to visit the campus to get an "inside view" of 
college life, while having the opportunity to 
register for classes, and handle other various 
needs. Over the years the program grew, in- 
volved several university staff members, and 
had a name change. 

"In essence, the program continues to pro- 
vide freshmen the chance to make a positive 
connection to the campus," Cox said. "Once 
students return for the fall term they feel 
more comfortable with their surrounding and 
are eager to stay... that secure feeling is nur- 
tured by these counselors they work with dur- 
ing their orientation experience." 

Letters will be sent to all former counse- 
lors during the summer. Additionally, those 
counselors who cannot be located will be iden- 
tified in the letter. Should any counselor rec- 
ognize these "lost" counselors, please contact 
Cox at (318) 357-5559 or at 


NSU Foundation News 

Charles Knicely was recently elected to the NSU 
Foundation Board of Directors. Knicely, Presi 
dent of Knicely & Associates, has been in the 
building business for over 35 years and has had his own 
building company for over 20 years. He builds primarily 
in southeast Shreveport including the Southern Trace 
Country Club Subdivision and the Ellerbe Road area. 

Knicely, who was born in Baton Rouge and raised in 
Jonesville, graduated from NSU in 1971 with a degree 
in business administration. He married the former Linda 
Johnston, a 1975 NSU grad. The Knicelys have two sons, 
Jeremy, 24, and Josh, 21. 

At NSU, Knicely was a member of Kappa Sigma Fra- 
ternity and was a recipient of the T.H. Williams National 
Scholarship. He was also a member of Circle K, on the 
yearbook staff and was the Men's Representative as a 
freshman class officer. 

His professional memberships include the Shreveport/ 
Bossier Home Builder's Association, the National 
Homebuilders Association and the Shreveport Chamber 
of Commerce. 

Knicely is a past board member of the Southfield 
School. Is a past executive board member of Loyola Col- 
lege Prep, and a former board member of the Shreve- 
port Gun Club and the Shreveport/Bossier NSU Alumni 
Association. He is a member of the NSU Select 1000, 
the Kappa Sigma Alumni Association and the Loyola 
ground crew. 

He and Linda enjoy scuba diving, snow skiing, travel 
and NSU football games. They have hosted student re- 
cruiting receptions at their home for Northwestern and 
is an active member of the NSU Foundation. 

Knicely's three-year term on the Foundation Board 
will expire Dec. 31, 2003. Ill 

■ ■ ■ 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001/ 6 

Campus Nkws 



will honor 

Mr. Christmas 

Northwestern will re- 
member one of the 
most beloved mem- 
bers of the university 
staff and community by honoring Eugene "Doc" 
Christmas through an endowed scholarship for stu- 
dent athletic trainers. 

Christmas was the athletic trainer for NSU for 25 
years. He was also a respected physical therapist. 

He came to Northwestern as a freshman student 
athletic trainer in 1951. He graduated in 1955 with 
his bachelor's degree and again in 1956 with his 
master's degree. He continued by attending physi- 
cal therapy school in New Orleans, where he gradu- 
ated in 1957. 

Christmas was a charter member of the Louisi- 
ana Athletic Trainer's Association, a member of the 
association's Hall of Fame and remained active until 
his retirement. He worked as a physical therapist 
at the local hospital and for the local school board. 

He was named Natchitoches Parish "Man of the 
Year" in 1976 and was elected to the Northwestern 
Graduate N Club Hall of Fame in 1981. In 1991 he 
was named "Mr. Louisiana Basketball" by the Loui- 
siana Association of Basketball Coaches. 

The Eugene Christmas Scholarship is awarded 
to student athletic trainers who have a set work 
schedule and a 2.0 overall GPA. 

"Mr. Christmas was one of those rare human 
beings that you remember many things about, but 
never anything bad," said Ed Evans, NSU's Head 
Athletic Trainer. "While here, he helped many com- 
munity people. The scholarship gives us the oppor- 
tunity to reward young men and women with some- 
thing more than a thank you. It typifies Mr. Christ- 
mas who made a tremendous impact on the com- 
munity and school." 

For more information on contributing to the Eu- 
gene Christmas Scholarship, please contact Mr. 
Tony Gustwick, Director of Institutional Advance- 
ment at (888) 799-6486 or (318) 357-4414 or 

MBNA to provide 
Alumni Association 
credit card program 

MBNA America Bank, N.A. has been selected as 
the new credit card provider for Northwestern 
State University Alumni Association's credit card pro- 

The program offers no-fee, low interest MasterCard 
credit cards to Northwestern supporters, and royalties 
from the program are returned to NSU through the 

MBNA and the Association will offer several card op- 
tions, including a Platinum Plus Mastercard with credit 
lines up to $100,000, low introductory annual percent- 
age rates for cash advance checks and balance trans- 
fers, $1 million in common carrier travel accident insur- 
ance, and inclusion in MBNA's Platinum Plus registry, 
emergency cash, and replacement airline tickets. A pre- 
ferred Mastercard will also be available. 

Current Northwestern Alumni cardholders will 
receive more information on how to obtain their new 
cards in the near future. Only MBNA-issued cards 
will return royalties to Northwestern through the 
Alumni Association. Alumni and friends who do not 
currently have a card but wish to obtain more informa- 
tion on how to get one can look for an upcoming ad in 
the fall issue of this magazine. 

"Working with MBNA gives our former students and 
fiiends the chance to help the Alumni Association while ob- 
taining a credit card with an institution known for its qual- 
ity service," said Director of Alimini Affairs Chris Maggio. 

Join the Demons in Hawaii 

NSU Alumni will have the opportunity to cheer for 
their favorite basketball team while basking in the 
sun at one of the most exotic locations in the U.S. The 
Alumni Association will be organizing a travel program 
to Hawaii to attend the game between the Demons and 
the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. 

The package will include airfare, hotel accommoda- 
tions, transportation to and from the airport and the 
game, as well as exclusive access and interaction with 
the Demons at meals, practice, and team functions. 
There will also be plenty of time for site seeing. Tenta- 
tively, the departure is on Sunday, Nov. 25, and the re- 
turn date is Wednesday, Nov. 28. The game is on Tues., 
Nov 27. 

Anyone interested should contact Director of Alumni 
Affairs Chris Maggio at (888) 799-6486 or (318) 357-4414 
or e-mail at 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 7 

Alumni Events 

m'i ^ mi t 

-Julie and Ricky, Walsmley, 
iiS9 and 85), opened their 
home to host the Covington 
Alumni Reception. 

Sheila Sampite 
Hardin ('91) 
and Alan 
Hardin ('90) 
cheer for the 
team with 
Webb at the 

Tournament in 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Alumni and Friends gathered together in New Orleans at a reception 
hosted by the Josette and Quin Sirmon and Tbny and Josette Bofanti. 
Shown from left to right are Chris Maggio, St. Charles Parish 
President Albert Laque, Josette Bonfanti Sirmon and Hanisee 
Sirmon, Quin Sirmon ('94), Josette Bonfanti, Tbny Bonfeinti, Edward 
Duiresne, Chief Judge, 5th Circuit Court of Appesils, Lola Doucet and 
Ned Doucet, Chief Judge, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ('65). 

Mrs. Melba Steeg, ('44), and her husband Moise enjoy the New 
Orleans Alumni Reception in the Horizons Room at the New 
Orleans Hilton. 

Two Northwestern 
State Alumnae, Patty 
Wiggins Blaize ('73) 
and Becky Boykin 
Williamson ('95), 
have found a special 
friendship as the only 5r 
two NSU graduates 
at Landry Middle 
School in Mandeville. 
Their professional 
ties to each other amd 
to Northwestern are 
an important part of 
their lives, according 
to Blsiize. 

NSU alumni and faculty enjoyed visiting at a reception hosted 
by the Koury family. Shown from left are Matt Koury ('95), Dr 
Thomas Hall, Dr. Austin Temple, Gene Koury ('63 & '70) and 
Martha Koury. 

Alumni and Northwestern Officials of the Greater Dallas area got a surprise when alumni 
Scott Jenkins, local news anchor, paid a visit in his station's helicopter. Shown from left 
are Athletic Director Greg Burke, Walter Heatherwick, Chris Maggio, Jenkins, ('89), host 
Terry Guin ('78), hostess Kathy Guin, ('77), and Richard Karamatic ('75). 

Baton Rouge area alumni enjoy a reception at Mike Anderson's Seafood 
Restaurant. Shown from left are Amy Post Walker ('99), Kim Parker, Scott 
Murphy ('93) and Ellen Dunn. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 8 

Class Notks/Pkofilks 


Marie Toups retired as a 
school principal in 1996 
and continued serving as 
principal until 1973. She 
now lives in Lockport. 


Audra Evans Allen is a 
retired teacher who lives 
in Haynesville. While at 
Normal, she was active in 
the WCA. 

Gladys Longino Jones is 
a retired teacher from 
New Orleans. She now 
lives in Baton Rouge. At 
Normal. Mrs. Jones was 
involved with the 
YWCA, Purple Jackets, 
the Seeking after 
Knowledge Society and 
the Current Sauce. 


Wm. W. (Willie) 
Westbrook has retired 
from Westbrook 
Associates, Inc., a 
marketing, advertising 
and public relations firm. 
Mr. Westbrook was vice 
president of the freshman 
class in 1934-35 at 
Normal. He lives with 
his wife, Salome, in 
Metairie. They have 
three sons. 


Ellen Bridewell Elliot is 
the feature editor for the 
Christian Observer. She 
was involved with Alpha 
Phi Gamma, varsity 
debate and the Current 
Sauce. Ellen lives in 
Manassas, Va. She has 
two children and seven 

Marjorie Gaunt Morehous 
works in sales at Rickie 
Petite Shop in Knoxville, 
Tenn. She was a member 
of Delta Sigma Epsilon. 
Marjorie lived in London 
for more than 10 years. 
She has one son and two 


Peggy Alexander Koon is 
a former home econom- 
ics teacher for Lafayette 
High School in Mayo, 

Fla. She has been 
married to Floyd Koon 
for 40 years. They have 
two children and two 


Jerry D. Fults is the 
executive managing 
director for Kennedy 
Wilson International. At 
Northwestern, Jerry 
lettered in football. He 
has two children and lives 
in Dallas. 


Callyne Scott Brady is a 
retired teacher after 35 
years in the classroom. At 
Northwestern, she was a 
member of Sigma Sigma 
Sigma. She now works 
for in 
the administrative 
department. She resides 
in San Diego. She has 
two grandchildren. 


Charles Doty has retired 
from SWEPCO in 
Shreveport. At North- 
western, Charles was a 
member of Pi Kappa Phi 
and the Black Knights. 
He is married to Marian 
Meador Doty, and they 
have two children. They 
now live in Lindale, 

Stephen Murphy is a 
location manager for 
Royster Clark. While at 
Northwestern, Stephen 
was a member of the 
football and track teams 
and was president of the 
'N' Club. He is married to 
Bonnie Richardson 
Murphy (1962), and they 
have three children. They 
live in Foxworth, Miss. 


Adie Joe Butler is a 
production planning 
manager for Lucent 
Technologies. Adie was 
active in the SGA, Sigma 
Tau Gamma Fraternity 
and was a cheerleader. 
He lives in Keithville and 
is married. He and his 
wife have two children. 

Joanne Salter Frank is an 
elementary teacher for 
Conroe Independent 
School District. While in 
college, Joanne was a 
member of Purple 
Jackets, a dorm officer. 
Who's Who, Kappa Delta 
Pi and was on the BSU 
Executive Council. She is 
married and has two sons. 
Joanne lives in Spring, 

Dr. Jon L. Gibson retired 
from the University of 
Louisiana at Lafayette 
and is president of Carved 
Trowel Archaeology., 
Ltd. He is a professional 
archaeologist. While at 
Northwestern, Jon was 
active in the SGA, Blue 
Key and was on the 
Pineywood Rooters 
intramural teams. He is 
married to Mary Seller 
Gibson, '65. They live in 
Homer and have one 


Hazel McDonald is an 
assistant professor in the 
NSU College of Nursing 
in Shreveport. She is 
married to Joe McDonald, 
and they have twin 
daughters, one stepdaugh- 
ter, and four grandchil- 


Carl J. Corley is a sales 
manager for Ross Bus & 
Equipment Sales in 
Alexandria. Carl was 
active in ROTC at 
Northwestern. He lives in 
Boyce and has three 

J. Michael Miller is the 
Chief of the Epidemiol- 
ogy and Laboratory 
Branch at the Centers for 
Disease Control and 
Prevention in Atlanta. He 
is married to Norma 
Miller, and they live in 
Dunwoody, Ga. 

Yvonne Coumes 
Strattman is a retired 
vocational counselor. 
Yvonne is married and 
has two children, two 

grandchildren, and one 


Edward J. Domanguc is 
an engineer for Motorola. 
Edward was active in 
IEEE while in college. He 
lives in Austin, Texas 
with his wife and has two 


William Edwards is 
retired from the Depart- 
ment of Justice Office of 
United States Trustee 
where he worked as a 
bankruptcy analyst. He 
was active in the SGA 
while at NSU. He is 
married and lives in 
Parcellville, Va. 

H. Don Stiles is a quality 
engineer for Boeing. He 
is married and has one 
daughter. Don lives in 
Carrollton, Texas. 

Edith Elliott Wilkerson is 
the owner and teacher of 
Re-creations Music Store 
& Studio. She is a retired 
music supervisor for 
Caddo Parish. She is 
married and lives in 


Thomas H. Crout Jr. is the 
corporate senior vice- 
president at the Human 
Resources Infirmary 
Health System, Inc. in 
Mobile, Ala. Thomas 
lives in Fairhope, Ala. 


John E. Kerley is the 
principal of Barret 
Elementary School in 
Shreveport. John was a 
member of the baseball 
team, ROTC, PEK and 
was on the SGA entertain- 
ment committee. He is 
married and has one child. 

Robert McKillips Jr. is 
the assistant management 
chief for the Louisiana 
Department for Agricul- 
ture and Forestry. He is 
married to Leah G. 
McKillips, and they have 

one child. They live in 

Joseph Wyatt Pctrus is 
married and they has five 
children. Joseph lives in 
Conroe, Texas. 

Irene Morgel Robinson is 
married and has two 
daughters, one grand- 
daughter, and two 
grandsons. She owns and 
manages KWCL-FM in 
Oak Grove. Irene is the 
past president of the Oak 
Grove Lions Club. 


J. Rodney Barron is a job 
coach at Mary Biggs 
Training Center in Oak 
Grove. He is married to 
Ann Trotter Barron 
(1974), and they have 
three children. 

Paula Jean Easley 
Rembert is a OB-GYN in 
Shreveport. Paula earned 
a master's at NSU in 
1974. She is married to 
Gregory Lee Rembert and 
they have two sons. 


Len E. Barker is the 
President of Georgia 
Timber Int. in Buford, 
Ga. He is married and 
lives in Sugar Hill, Ga. 


Cynthia Cockrell Winston 
is the director of special 
education for the 
Natchitoches Parish 
School Board. At 
Northwestern, she was 
active in the NSU Chorus, 
NSU NAACP and Delta 
Sigma Theta Sorority. She 
is married and has two 

Mary Darphin Miller is a 
registered nurse on the 
ICU staff at the Medical 
Center of Southwest 
Louisiana. At NSU, she 
was involved with the 
Student Nurses Associa- 
tion and the Summer 
Concert Band. Mary is 
married and has three 
children and two 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 9 

Class Notes/Prohles 


Annette Aitcheson 
McClinton is currently a 
substitute teacher and 
plans to start working 
full time with the 
Headstart Program. 
Annette is married and 
has a 21 -year old 
daughter. She lives in San 


Stephen Fricker has 
worked at Sun Life of 
Canada since 1995. He is 
married to Shona Fricker, 
and they have four 
children. Stephen lives in 
Burlington, Ontario, 


Mark Benge, Sr. is the 
pastor at Nolley Memo- 
rial United Methodist 
Church in Jena. Mark was 
active in the Wesley 
Foundation at NSU. He 
is married to Sandra 
Stephens Benge (1979), 
and they have three 
children. Mark and his 
family live in Jena. 


Jeanine DeLaune 
Glendening is employed 
with Karpeles Manuscript 
Library Museum as the 
assistant director in 
Newburgh, N.Y. She 
earned a masters in health 
administration from the 
New School for Social 
Research in New York. 
Jeanine is married and 
has two boys. 


Peggy Hanna Benoit is a 
second grade teacher at 
East Beauregard 
Elementary School. She 
has been married to 
Andrew Benoit for 
twenty-one years. Peggy 
lives in DeRidder and has 
three children. 

Carolyn Sheryl Foster is a 
project manager for 
Avaya, Inc. in Carrollton, 
Texas. She lives in 
Corsicana, Texas. 

Pamela Dianne Young is a 
teacher in Caddo Parish. 
She was a member of Phi 
Mu. Pamela is living in 


Dan Nance works as a 
civilian employee for the 
U.S. Army as Deputy 
Director of Public 
Relations for the Joint 
Readiness Training 
Center and Fort Polk. 
Dan is married to Donna 
Lyons and they have one 
son, Joshua who will be a 
freshman at NSU in the 


Sara Arledge Blackwell 
teaches English and 
journalism at West 
Monroe Junior High 
School. She has two 
children. Will and Sally. 

Callen Blayne Mayard 
works for the Louisiana 
Department of Transpor- 
tation. Callen lives in 


Richard Fletcher is a 
senior knowledge 
manager at Deloitte 
Consulting in Irving, Tex. 
Richard was involved 
with Argus Magazine at 
NSU. He lives in Dallas. 


Kathryn Jenney Lesko is 
the director of public 
relations for Clard Maass 
Medical Center. While at 
NSU, Kathryn was a 
member of Sigma Kappa, 
Sigma Delta Chi and 
Purple Jackets. She is 
married and has two 


Jutta Green has earned a 
Ph.D. in educational 
leadership and policy 
studies at Virginia Tech. 
She is a professor of 
business management at 
New River Community 
College. She has one 
daughter, Jessica, and they 
live in Christianburg, Va. 


Lynne Knight was named 
the Jan. 2001 Employee 
of the month in Licensed 
Clinical Services at 
Mississippi State 
Hospital. She has worked 
as a psychologist for 1 1 

Karen Foster Sepulvado 
works in the office of a 
church in Zwolle. Karen 
is active in the American 
Cancer Society's Relay 
for Life in Sabine Parish. 
She has been married to 
Pat Sepulvado for five 
years. They live in 


Jeannie Reeks Biscamp is 
an elementary special 
education teacher for 
Burkeville ISD in 
Burkeville, Texas. She is 
married to Kenneth W. 
Biscamp, and they have 
three children. 

Thomas Grayson 
Easterling III, a graduate 
of the Louisiana Scholars' 
College, is an instructor 
of English at Mississippi 
University for Women. 
He is married to Michelle. 
They recently had their 
first child, Thomas 
Grayson Easterling, IV. 
They live in West Point, 

Trecia Kethley Ingram is 
a second grade teacher at 
Zwolle Elementary 
School. She has two 

R. Michael McHale is an 
attorney for McHale Law 
Firm in Lake Charles. He 
was active in the SGA, 
Kappa Alpha, KNWD 
and the Young Demo- 
crats. Michael is married 
and has three children. 


Kathy Allen Alford is a 
psychiatric registered 
nurse at Woodcrest 
Healthcare, Inc. She lives 
in Nalcliiloches. 

Debra Fox Jenkins is a 
registered nurse supervi- 
sor in the Department of 
Neurosurgery at LSU 
Medical Center in 
Shreveport. Debra is 
married and has two 

John Scott Jolley is a 
member of the United 
States Marine Corps. He is 
married to Teri Loria, and 
they have three children. 
John and his family live in 
Quantico, Va. 

Michelle Weego LaRoche 
is currently the senior 
marketing coordinator at 
Thompson Professional 
Group. Michelle is also in 
pursuit of an elementary 
teaching certificate. She 
is married to T. Scott 
LaRoche, and they have 
one son, Jacob Alexander. 

Vonda Rutherford 
Vandagriff is married and 
lives in Hodge. 

David Youngblood is the 
Natchitoches Parish 
coroner. He lives in 
Natchitoches. David is 
married to the former 
Mary Unger (1984). They 
have one child. 


Connie Durr Bullard is 
the owner and is an 
instructor of Sabine 
Safety Solutions in 
Belmont. Connie was 
president and vice 
president of the Student 
Nurses' Association. She 
is married and has two 

Renita Ellis Hollins 
works for Lexicon 
Genetics, Inc. Renita is 
married and has two 
children. She lives in 
Conroe. Texas. 

Susan Moak Nealy is the 
program coordinator for 
the NSU-Carl Perkins 
Programs. At NSU, Susan 
was a member of Sigma 
Kappa and Purple 
Jackets. She was a 

freshman connector and 
was active in Greeks 
assisting Greeks. She is 
married and has two 

Evan Taylor is creative 
director for the Dr. Pepper 
Website for Luminant 
Worldwide. He has 
recently worked in 
illustration, graphic 
design, art direction, 
creative direction and 
project management. 

Stacy Kay Walters is a 
pharmaceutical sales 
representative for Merck 
Pharmaceuticals. At NSU, 
Stacy was a member of 
Phi Mu. She lives with 
her husband in Otis. They 
have one child. 


Cathy Huey Alleman is 
married to Chris Alleman. 
Cathy is currently 
finishing her master's 
degree in theatre at Texas 
A&M and plans to pursue 
a doctoral degree at Texas 
Tech. They are living in 
Commerce, Texas. 

Pamela Harmon Augusta 
is the marketing director 
for Valley Hospital 
Medical Center. She is 
married to Norman 
Augusta, and they have a 
daughter named Lauren 
Grace Augusta. 

Carol Ann Bernard is 
teaching English at 
Houston Community 
College and the Univer- 
sity of Houston. She is 
working on a Ph.D in 

Stephanie Allen Campbell 
is director of health 
services at NSU. She is 
married and has two 

Donna Denise Airhart 
Waters is a controller at 
HCA, The Healthcare Co. 
She is married and has 
two children. Samantha 
and Andrew. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 10 

Class Notks/Profiles 

Paul R. Sawyer is living 
in Hammond. 


Richard Kevin Beall is a 
nurse anesthesist for 
Boise Anesthesia 
Associates. He is married 
to Shannon Magiil Beaii 
(1994) who works for the 
same company. They live 
in, Idaho. 

Deborah demons 
Cochran is serving in the 
United States Air Force. 
She is currently stationed 
in Germany. 

Scott K. Dodson is 
married to Julie McMenis 
Dodson. and they have 
two children. They live 
in Boyce. 

Laine D. Fredieu is a 
systems analyst for Our 
Lady of Lourdes Regional 
Medical Center in 
Lafayette. While at NSU, 
she worked as a resident 
assistant. Laine lives in 

Rebecca K. Hayes has been 
married to Mark Hayes for 
nine years. Rebecca is a 
support analyst for Server 
and PC Hardware for 
Private Business, Inc. She 
has lived in Tennessee for 
two years. 


Bryan Mark Redler is the 
senior assistant manager 
for Citifinancial. At NSU, 
he was a member of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon. He is 
married to Rebecca Smith 
Redler, and they have one 

Cathy L. Wilson is the 
banking center manager 
and investment services 
representative for the 
Bank of America. She 
lives in Jacksonville, Fla. 


Donald Ashton Ewing Jr. 
is a mortgage loan 
underwriter at America 
Fidelity, Inc. in Baton 
Rouge. He is married to 

Kim Ewing, and they 
have three sons. Donald 
and his family live in 
New Roads. 

Mary Rachal Dupree is a 
kindergarten teacher at 
Rosenthal Elementary in 
Alexandria. She is 
married and lives in 

Anna Harper is a medical 
sales representative for 
Alcon Pharmaceuticals 
and also works as a 
model. At NSU, she was 
active in Sigma Sigma 
Sigma, BSU, Student 
Activities Board and 
AAFCS. Anna lives in 

Nikole Neuner is a 
studio/tech operator at 
ESPN. She was active 
with the Potpourri, 
PRSSA and was a 
member of the NSU 
Crew. Nicole earned a 
master's in television 
production from the 
University of New 
Orleans last year. She 
lives in Bristol, Conn. 

Marlon Robinson works 
for Schlumberger Oil 
Field Services. While at 
NSU, he was a member 
of Kappa Sigma 
Fraternity. He and his 
wife Tracey Meher 
Robinson have one child. 
They live in Haughton. 

Kelley Kendall Mims is 
married to Dee Mims 
(1993), and they have one 
son, Brandon. Kelley is a 
research analyst with 
Larry Thompson & 
Associates. Dee is an IT 
professional with 
Information Knowledge 
Group. They live in 

Rix Stanley III is an 
automation clerk for the 
United States Postal 
Service in Houston. He 
is married to Tanya 
Turner Stanley (1996), 
and they have one son, 

View of the Columns circa 1980 

Alumni Columns Summer 2001 / 1 1 

Class Notes/Prohles 


Shawn David Brewer is 
the store manager for the 
Company. He is married 
to Kristi Eder Brewer 
(1998). Kristi is a mental 
health specialist for 
Resource Management 
Services. They live in 

Jennifer Lanette Gibbs 
works at Anacoco High 
School as a music teacher. 
She is living in Leesville 
and has three children. 

Sharon Rose Gibson 
Boback attended the 
University of Texas at 
Arlington and received 
dual Master's degrees in 
criminology and criminal 
justice and social work. 
She is employed with the 
Massachusetts Depart- 
ment of Mental Health as 
the utilization manage- 
ment coordinator at the 
Psychiatric Hospital. She 
is married to Frank 
Boback and lives in 
Braintree, Mass. 


Blythe Leinenweber 
Baskin is the receptionist 
and administrative 
assistant for Eastdil 
Realty. At, NSU, she was 
a member of Phi Mu, 
Order of Omega, Purple 
Jackets and was a Greek 
facilitator. Blythe is 
married and lives in 
Irving, Texas. 

Kimberly Dodd is a 
storeroom attendant at 
Phillips Service Industries 
at Alliance Compressors 
in Natchitoches. She has 
one daughter and lives in 

Theresa Yousey Gauthier 
has completed her 
masters in plasma physics 
at the University of 
Alabama in Huntsville, 
Ala. She is married to 
Randall Gauthier, also a 
NSU alumnus, and they 

live in Madison, Ala. 
They are both engineers 
employed by Raytheon 
Electronic Services. 

Remesa Taylor Robinson 
is employed with the 
Natchitoches Police Jury 
and Head Start. Remesa 
lives in Natchitoches and 
has one child. 

Linda Wright-Bailey is 
currently employed with 
Federal Probation in 
Houston. She lives in 
Katy, Texas. 


Heather Faye Gros is a 
registered nurse for 
Christus Schumpert 
Hospital. She was a 
member of Phi Mu, the 
Student Activities Board, 
Student Government 
Association, Student 
Nurses" Association and 
Sigma Theta Tau. She 
lives in Shreveport and is 
engaged to Clinton Ray 

Deloris Gray Hagan is a 
teacher at North Bayou 
Rapides Elementary. She 
lives in Colfax and has 
two children. 

Nikki Roberts Johnson is 
a senior accountant at 
Oestriecher Company. 
She is married to James 
C. Johnson, and they are 
expecting their first child 
in June. 

Brandy Ann McConathy 
is a third grade teacher at 
LaBelle Aire Elementary 
in Baton Rouge. She was 
a member of Sigma 
Sigma Sigma and the 
National Order of Omega. 
Brandy lives in Denham 


Scott Alan Gottreu is a 
webmaster for the Space 
Science Group at NSU. 
While in school, Scott 
was active in Alpha 
Kappa Delta, Baptist 
Collegiate Ministry, Phi 

Kappa Phi and Blue Key. 
He lives in Natchitoches. 

Anglar Moore is currently 
employed with Alliance 
Compressors. She lives 
in Natchitoches. 

Tiffany M. Schmidt is a 
student service officer for 
Charter College. She is 
married and living in 
Anchorage, Alaska. 

Charlene Vaughn is a 
teller supervisor for 
Firstar Bank. She has one 
child and lives in 

In Memory 

'24 RenaMcGowen 

March 22, 2001 

'24 Eva G.Ray 

March 28, 2001 

'25 Dorothy Keyser 

Jan. 21,2001 

'28 Emily B. 

Coushatta Oct. 20, 2000 

'30 Judge Richard 

B. Williams 
Natchitoches April 4, 2001 

'31 Josephine 


'32 Doris Irene 


'30 Joe O'Neal 

Baton Rouge Dec. 2000 

'35 Mary Helene 

Harrisonville, Mo. 

Nov. 20, 2000 

'38 Wayne W. 

Sept. 16,2000 

'39 Mr Aubrey Lee 


'39 Sybil Loftin 

Monroe 2001 

'40 Melvin Bradley 

Wichita Falls Oct. 29, 2000 

'40 Lewis Mercer 

Norris Aurora, Colo. 
March 3, 2001 

'41 Sam Joseph 

Scurria, Sr. Tallulah 
March 13,2001 

'41 Kathaleene 

Morrow Waller 
HaynesvilleFeb. 25, 2001 

'44 Lillian Horton 

March 21, 2001 

'47 O.E. "Red" Harrison 
Springhill Feb. 23, 2000 

'49 Ignatius Antoni 

Carriere, Miss. 

'50 Bobby Lester 

Bogan Vivian 
April 14,2001 

'50 Eleanor Tatman 

Lake Charles Jan. 11,2001 

"51 H. Eugene 

(Gene) Rogers 
Mansfield March 5, 2001 

'62 Gerald David 

Alexandria Jan. 17,2001 

'62 James Bonnie 

Minden Jan. 28, 2001 

'68 Robert D. Mock 

LaCamp June 6, 2000 

'72 James Edward 

Zwolle June 24, 1999 

William Gulp 

New Iberia Jan. 1989 

Dr. Joe Gerber - Dean of 
Students, 1941-1950 
Nacogdoches, Texas 
Feb. 27, 2001 

Elna Harrell 
Arcadia Oct. 1998 

Helen Pipkin Hicks 
Shreveport March 29, 2001 

Alma D'Gerolamo 
Metairie Feb. 7, 2001 

Emily S. Stanly 
August 15, 1998 

Omega "Mickey" Sutton 
Monroe April 3, 2001 

Margie S. Thomas 
Slidell Nov. 2000 

Hal Townsend 
Natchitoches 2001 

Ahinmi Columns Suinmcv ZOO I / 12 

/ItiA^HfvC \^hli<yi/ny^it^^o4^ UM/itt 

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Sixty-one alumni celebrated their Golden Jubilee by once again making a commencement walk 
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